Heritage Apps

After naively thinking I’d coined the phrase, I found an iPhone application called Heritage App:

It’s a database of interesting UK heritage sites (including English Heritage and National Trust), triggered by your GPS location so you can find places of interest on a Google map.  “You can get directions via Google Maps Application at a push of a button, and add your favourite site to an easily accessible list…. Frustrated with not being able to quickly see which locations were around us whilst on holidays in the UK we endeavoured to build our own.”

See also Fotopedia Heritage, which uses the infrastructure of Wikipedia to enable users to upload their photos of world heritage sites, linked to information on UNESCO’s website, marketing itself as “the first collaborative photo encyclopedia”.  Read a review here:

Neither application is quite the same as what I’m aiming to do, but interesting to see that there is a market for heritage applications on iPhone. Maybe once the Curzon heritage app is up and running I should get the Curzon added to both of these apps’ databases of sites of historical interest….

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