Curzon App: Look and Feel

I’ve been having some fun developing the interface for the Curzon App. In some ways this is the thing I should be doing last, but there is something to be said for being able to visualise what the App will look and feel like to the end user. So here are some initial ideas, starting with the Application Icon:

This is what it would like on the phone:

and the Application Launch image:

This is the holding image that appears whilst the application is launching.  The idea is that it is very plain and indistinguishable from the beginning of the application once it launches.  Here’s another version, with the curtains open, as it would appear on the phone:

I’m planning on using the landscape layout as it is more cinematic. The cinema screen can then be used as the central location for any images or text, in conjunction with pop-up windows and maybe some sort of icon bar somewhere – to be confirmed.  The interface could allow the user to tap the image on the cinema screen so it becomes full screen, with the option to zoom in further if desired (if the images I have are of a high enough resolution…), see Arthur Cox’s A Time Traveller’s Guide to Bristol, as an example of this.

I’m interested to establish which orientation is best (i.e. with the home button on the right or the left), whether it should be fixed or be able to flip.  I spoke to Will Luton at Mobile Pie (who created the iPhone version of the Traveller’s Guide) about this on Friday at the Pervasive Media Studio lunchtime talk and he said that each device has different issues – so the iPod has the headphone jack in a different place than the iPhone, and each has different issues with regard the way in which the user is holding the device in relation to the location of the sleep button, etc. so there is no clear answer.

Just sketches of ideas at the moment, but I’m liking the use of red and the cinema curtains – indeed I’m working on a video version with the tabs sweeping majestically open and have thoughts about possibly using the iPhone’s multi-touch technology to open the curtains…

But seriously, in terms of the relationship between the physical location, the audio and the on screen imagery, I’m still searching for an optimal interface that will situate the user in relation to the building without detracting from the experience of being there.  I guess it all comes down to getting some scratch media sorted so that Jo can encode it and we can actually test the thing.

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