Mrs Green, with the torch, in the cinema….

Meet Mrs Green, the usherette who will guide you around the Curzon Memories App – played by real-life Curzon guide Jacqui Bressington. She’s based on a real usherette, nicknamed “Torchy Green”, described by one of our memory contributors, Susan Sikora, who said that she used to come and shine her torch on all the couples canoodling in the back row in the 1950s:


This is just a quick iPhone snap and will be restaged with a more traditional costume, hair and make up, and better quality camera and lighting obviously – but this just gives a flavour of what she might look like.

Jo Reid at Calvium suggested that using a person associated with the venu in the app can bring a great deal of pleasure and surprise to the visitor when they actually encounter them in real life, as evidenced in their Escape From the Tower App, based at the Tower of London:

The beefeater Neville is a fictional character who guides you around the app.  The man in this photograph actually works at the tower (and is not called Neville at all) but is voiced by an actor in the app.  When visitors encounter him in person, it apparently adds an extra frisson of excitement to their experience.  Hopefully Jacqui’s association with the app will create the same excitement.

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