Curzon Second Iteration

The second iteration went well, with the initial feedback suggesting that the move indoors using QR codes to trigger the memories was one of the most satisfying elements. A huge thank you to all who came to test and give valuable feedback. It was a joy to watch people wandering around in their headphones searching for QR codes, sitting in the cinema auditorium, laughing out loud at “snoggers’ corner” and the Curzon cat.

DCRC's Sam Kinsley testing the app - photo Jess Linnnington

The GPS signal outside wasn’t brilliant, but people appreciated the fact that there was a manual version so they were still able to experience it. Lots of food for thought for developing this pilot into the final iteration which will hopefully go live on the App Store (as well as being developed for Android) in time for the Curzon’s centenary next year.  But for now, I’m going to take some well-deservered annual leave.  More details on the evaluation will be forthcoming on my return.

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