Mad Hackers’ Tea Party photos

Here are some photos of the Projection Hero installation exhibiting at the Mad Hackers’ Tea Party, BV Studios, Bristol last weekend:

QR code, viewed through projection booth windows - when you scan this it takes you to a web interface with which you can manipulate the cinema, open the curtains, dim the lights and play the film

This is the second time we’ve tested the installation and there were inevitably a few teething problems at the Thursday private view, but Tarim managed to sort these out for the public exhibition over the weekend.  The LED lights are not in yet, as they were not bright enough and we had to order some more, and we need to snag the web interface a bit both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, but despite this visitors got the idea and enjoyed being in control of the mini cinema.

Spectator peering in through the projection booth windows

Movie featuring Maurice Thornton, curator of the Curzon Collection

Visitors enjoying the exhibit

Tarim at the helm

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