Projection Hero at Afrika Eye Film Festival

Ingrid Sinclair and Simon Bright of Afrika Eye Film Festival are interested in having Projection Hero on display during their festival down at the Watershed Media Centre, Bristol, 28-30 October 2011.  This is a very exciting invitation, suggesting that the mini-cinema might have a life of its own as a stand alone exhibit, as well as being integrated into the Curzon Memories App – there’s talk of the movies projected in the mini-cinema being extracts or trailers from the festival films. It would be great to be involved in the festival, so hope it all pans out and that we can get the next iteration up and running in time.

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1 Response to Projection Hero at Afrika Eye Film Festival

  1. eyeFULL says:

    Sadly, Projection Hero didn’t make it to Afrika Eye – but the idea of projecting other content in venues outside the Curzon is still of interest as a way to test the installation before it is officially launched in January – watch this space….

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