Curzon Memories App at International Museum Theatre Alliance conference

Have been invited to present on the Curzon Memories App at the IMTAL (International Museum Theatre Alliance) mini-Conference at MShed Bristol this weekend, Sat 15 October, 2pm.

I will be focussing on the use of dramatisation in the Curzon Memories App and the problematics of combining oral history, dramatisation and reconstruction.  In the current (second) iteration the performances are still very much scratch audio recorded on my iPhone voice memo app (with me and Jon Dovey standing in for operatic diva, Blanch Harwood, and her stepson, Victor Cox) – the aim is to rerecord with actors once the script has been finalised in the next iteration.  One of the dilemmas is whether or not to revoice the Usherette, who is currently played by one of the Curzon’s guides, Jacqui Bressington (as Curzon Usherette Mrs Green) – currently we’ve improvised a scratch audio track recorded on my iPhone,  what now needs to be decided is whether to professionally rerecord a more scripted version with Jacqui or to revoice with an actor. This is what I will be trying to tease out in my talk on Saturday. The other area of discussion will be the use of real people’s memories alongside dramatisations of historical characters from the cinema’s past – feedback from the first two iterations was mixed, some saying that the dramatisations were signalled by the performance and there was no confusion between interpretation and oral history, others saying that the two modes didn’t work together. I’m attached to the dramatisations so want to keep them and have been exploring ideas about how to frame them in a more satisfying way.  I’m hoping that in attempting to articulate these issues within the context of IMTAL will help me to share best practice and learn from the wider heritage community.

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