Pearl and Dean “Asteroid” ident

Pearl and Dean have given permission to use the Asteroid ident for the Projection Hero installation.  I had originally filmed the 1970s ident (above) off 8mm projection in ex-projectionist and curator of the Curzon Collection, Maurice Thornton’s mini-cinema in a shed in his back garden – it has a wonderful nostalgic feel to it, including the patina of dust and scratches you’d expect it to have accumulated over the years, and it’s the version that I remember from my childhood. I asked the current manager of the Curzon, Gareth Negus, to put in a good word with Pearl and Dean (as they are the cinema’s advertising agent) and Peter Seabrook-Harris has very generously not only given permission but also sent copies of other versions from as far back as the 1950s.  I think it will be really fun for people to manipulate the cinema and randomly trigger the iconic Asteroid theme-tune, or one of the earlier versions, before the main feature – hopefully a truly cinematic experience.

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