Curzon Memories App at MovIES

Cathy Poole, Education Officer at the Curzon Community Cinema, Clevedon has invited me to talk at the National Association of Moving Image Education Specialists (MovIES) meeting at BFI on 14 November.

We will present together on how we collaborated on collecting Curzon Memories, each using them to enhance visitors’ experience of the cinema in very different ways.  Cathy will speak about the Heritage Lottery funded Curzon Memories Project and how the memories we’ve collected are being used both in education settings and to celebrate the cinema’s centenary year.  I’ll introduce the App and talk about how a locative heritage project such as this aims to bring the cinema building and its history to life.  One thing I’d like to focus on is how important it is to celebrate the cinema-going experience itself, as well as the films, in any moving image education programme – many of the memories emphasise very site-specific memories of the building – the back row, the balcony and so on – whereas the memories of the films are often more general, clustering around stars or genres.

Looking forward to the rest of the day as well – with speakers from the BFI Education and Creative England’s Film Culture Fund and Moving Image Specialists from around the UK.


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