Curzon memories app wins #MeCSSA poster prize!

The Curzon memories app and projection hero were on display at MeCCSA 2012 the annual conference of the subject association of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies. The project won the poster prize, so the milky bars are on me!

The poster was on display in the communal coffee/lunch area, so had a high footfall, along side the Projection Hero exhibit and a short video documentation by Sy Taffel featuring Jon Dovey and Constance Fleuriot of the Digital Cultures Research Centre. I’d not submitted a poster to a conference before, but felt that it would afford more opportunity to explain the project and enable people to try out the app than the traditional 15min presentation.  The poster described the project, the use of QR codes and GPS to trigger content, and had instructions on how to download a demo of the app, plus some sample QR codes to listen to memories, including snogging in the back row, dancing in the aisles to Rock Around the Clock and getting married in the Oak Room Cafe.  Thanks to Colin Purrington for excellent tips on formatting a research poster and a really useful template.

Curzon Memories App poster at MeCCSA 2012

Curzon Memories App poster at MeCCSA 2012

Projection Hero at MeCCSA 2012

Delegate enjoying Projection Hero on exhibit at MeCCSA 2012, with talking head of Jon Dovey on the screen behind

Feedback so far: Projection Hero nearly brought one user to tears with nostalgia for Saturday morning pictures…

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