Curzon Memories App website launched

The new official Curzon Memories App website is now live:

Here’s a screen grab:

Once the app is officially launched, this is where you can access QR codes to play with the app if you can’t make it down to the Curzon in person, although clearly we’d rather you  to trek down to Clevedon to experience them in situ if humanly possible!

If you scan QR Codes 15-25 (which relate to projection equipment in the Curzon Collection) with any smartphone QR Reader it will take you to the Curzon’s webpage on that particular projector – but in the app it will trigger the curator, Maurice Thornton’s informative commentary.  At the moment, if scanned outside the app, the rest of the QR Codes just take you to the official Curzon Memories App website where you’ll be able to download the app shortly – watch this space for updates about when it goes live on Apple Store and Google Play.

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