Curzon Memories App as interactive documentary

I spoke about the Curzon Memories App at the recent idocs2012 conference hosted by UWE’s Digital Cultures Research Centre at Watershed.  I hadn’t really thought I was making a documentary the whole time I was developing the app, but with hindsight, my experience as a filmmaker couldn’t help but inform the project and trying to articulate my work at this event really helped me to see that ‘experience design’ is essentially an extension of documentary practice – we all want to move people and make them see the world differently – I’m just excited about doing that in the actual place you are interested in exploring.  Brian Winston’s post cites “the breathtaking and illuminating elegance of Charlotte Croft’s ‘Geo-spatial, Geo-temporal’ app to guide a tourist around a physical site.”  The slides for my talk are now available here.

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