Lovely photos of the Curzon Memories App Launch

Here’s some lovely photos of the app launch courtesy of Andy Darvill, one of the Curzon’s Board of Trustees:

The Living History exhibition alive with visitors, one of whom is manipulating the Projection Hero exhibit with her smartphone in the foreground. Can you spot the tiny QR code on the back row?  Thanks to members of the Youth Panel who tested the third iteration for suggesting the idea of hiding them in the same place they’re hidden in the actual auditorium.  Also note that the lego figures have their own little bag of popcorn, which is spilling out on to the floor.  Nearly set off the smoke alarm in the Oak Room Cafe at the launch when I burnt the microwave popcorn…

Education Officer Cathy Poole is in the background above, she said the launch brought people down to the Curzon she’d been trying to get down there for years. Peter Insole is also in the background, with whom I’m collaborating on the City Strata, Cinemapping ‘Heritage Sandbox’ project.

Hilary Neal, Chair of the Management board, looking through the projection booth windows on Projection Hero, whilst Jeanie Sinclair (Falmouth) operates the cinema.

QR codes 15-29 are hidden in the Main Collection which is usually open on the first Sunday and the third Saturday and Sunday of every month – see the Curzon’s What’s On  page for more information. Here’s one on the Kalee 11 – which was an early British sound projector that had two different sound systems, sound-on-disc and optical sound on film.  All the QR codes in this section trigger curator Maurice Thornton’s commentary from within the app, but if you happen to scan outside the app using any old QR reader, they take you to the individual projector on the Curzon Collection website, as the link above does.

Trustee Brian Crewe reinstalled one of the old ashtrays especially for the ‘Ashtray’ QR Code, which contains memories of the watching the films through a fug of smoke… not sure how long this QR code will last, but have given spare copies to the Curzon – might need to find a way to protect this one in the longer term.

Huge thanks for all who came to the launch.  If you want an opportunity to try the app in situ then it’s the Curzon’s 100th anniversary this weekend with loads happening, the Collection is open, there’ll be Bioscope projection, the inaugral concert of the newly installed Christie organ and a screening of A Night to Remember (1958) in honour of the cinema’s premiere matinees when the proceeds when to the Lord Mayor’s Fund for the victims of the Titanic disaster.

You can download the app for iPhone and Android from the official website.

Thanks also to Jacqui Bressington, Amy and Georgia for helping with the cream tea! Thanks for letting me use these wonderful photos Andy, a great record of a lovely day.

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