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Projection heroics: Tarim in action at the Curzon

Tarim pulled out all the stops and managed to get a working prototype of the Projection Hero installation working for the second iteration – needs lots more work, but the Curtains, LEDs and video could all be manipulated from the … Continue reading

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Curzon Second Iteration

The second iteration went well, with the initial feedback suggesting that the move indoors using QR codes to trigger the memories was one of the most satisfying elements. A huge thank you to all who came to test and give … Continue reading

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First Iteration Feedback

Transcribing the feedback from the first iteration test has given me RSI (when will they invent a good voice recognition / transcription device?!), but also the confidence to develop and build on what works, and rethink the rest.  Spent the … Continue reading

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Interior localization

Had a really interesting meeting with Tom Melamed from Calvium about what happens when the heritage app moves indoors and the issues around interior localization.  This will be the second phase of my research project, and will be starting in … Continue reading

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