Curzon Memories app @ #idocs2012

I gave a presentation on the Curzon Memories App at the i-docs 2012 conference on Friday which was hosted by the DCRC and held at the Watershed Media Centre, as part of the Layered Reality panel. The talk focused on how mobile technologies can bring documentary back to the material physical world using the affordances of locative or pervasive media. I reflected on what I’ve learned about the experience design process during the Curzon project, particularly the need to think about the triumvirate relationship between the location, media content and user interface. It was great to reflect on the project on the eve of launching it, whilst also looking forward to the City Strata: The Cinemap Layer ‘Heritage Sandbox’ project that’s starting in April – another collaboration with Jo Reid from Calvium who designed the AppFurnace development tool that was used to create Curzon Memories App.

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